It is getting official

With the completion our first big project (Call-a-Rep) nearing on the horizin, we, Julian Asamer and Falko Blumenthal, have to think about the institutional side of our start-up and our cooperations. On our last strategic meeting we decided to use January to register as partnership under the German Civil Code.


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jasamer+blu go online

With our first project well under way (Call-a-Rep) and new ideas springing up it is time to get a label for our team. We are interested in the crossover between public and political interactions and the current state of the art in information and communication technologies and services. In our first steps into the world […]

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We provide solutions and counsel on strenghtening the nodes of the network society through a crossover of political communications and computer science.

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Julian Asamer and Falko Blumenthal

Julian Asamer studied at the Technical University and the University of Munich. He realized by now a few Apps for iPhone and iPod. His up to now most successful project is Photoboard. Right now he is working on a graduate degree in Computer Science.

Falko Blumenthal studied in Munich and Helsinki. He worked on projects for the Bavarian parliament, the City of Munich, and the Council on Spatial Development at the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development. At the moment he is doing doctoral studies in Political Theory and Urban Design.


Feel free to approach us with questions, ideas, and critique.
We are especially happy about news, if you want to talk about cooperating with or working for us.

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